'So many young people's lives changed … Eden’s is an oasis for the youth of SUDBURY and surrounding villages'. 

Eden's Project is a youthwork charity that started on 18th August 1999 and since that time has supported over 2,000 young people! Eden’s is a Christian charity to support ALL young people and help them achieve their true potential, through mentoring, support and providing positive opportunities.

Eden's provides safe and enjoyable youth clubs for young people as an alternative to hanging around the streets and the dangers that can go along with this.

Please take a moment to read below the voices of just a few of these young people as to how their lives would have been different if Eden's had never existed...

'I wouldn't have met some amazing people and help out with a truly fantastic charity. Also I wouldn't know myself without Eden’s because it has helped to shape my path and has shown me options for the future I didn't know I had.'

'If Eden's had not of existed I don't know where I would be. Because of Eden's I have made lifelong friends, it has given me confidence to talk to people and skills that have helped me in the jobs I have had. Without Eden's I would have been very lonely growing up in Sudbury. As someone who was bullied at school being able to go to Eden's was a great thing for me. I met people who genuinely liked me and it was great to be able to go there whenever I could.'

'Probably not of had any support with mental health issues when they started, and not as much support as I still have now… which helped me grow in confidence by encouraging me to use my talents in art and music to benefit young people.'

'If Eden's didn't exist I'd not have the amazing support the people there give.'

'If Eden's didn't exist I'd have been on the streets at a young age.'

'If Eden's didn't exist, I'd have found it much more difficult to get into University.'

'I come from a stable and loving family, however many of the people I met at Eden's had never had the lovely experiences that go hand in hand with a strong family unit. Eden's gave those people the opportunity to feel loved…and show them other ways of dealing with hurt and typical teenage angst.'

'I would have spent my Friday evenings either bored in the house or on the streets with some other friends. Also I benefitted greatly from my voluntary experience there which helped me to get some of my previous jobs before I went to university.'

'I would have nothing to do at the weekend and I wouldn't have had the opportunity to get involved in voluntary work to help in the community.'

'Never have become the person I am today. Have missed out on many wonderful friendships… If Eden's had never existed I'd have missed two of the best most important years of my life!'

'Never have got the satisfaction of knowing that I am helping the youth stay off the streets and safe while they also have something to do.'

'If Eden’s didn't exist, I wouldn't know many of my friends I take for granted now.'

'If Eden's had never existed then I would not have been inspired to work with young people myself, it has trained me and equipped me to do the Job I do now.'

'If Eden's didn't exist I'd probably have nowhere else to hang out on Friday evenings with my friends to unwind.'

'Have a massive amount of social time lost and I would feel lost in myself a little.'

'Wouldn't have had a place for me and my friends to meet in the evening.'